10 Things WealthPlan Advisors Have to be Thankful for this Holiday Season

As the year comes to a close and we find ourselves right in the thick of this holiday season, we’re reminded just how much there is to be thankful for—and for us, that’s our advisors.

To show our appreciation for our partners spread out across the country, we’re always thinking of new ways to provide the best services to help make your jobs easier. 

With the average advisor spending only about 50% of their time on client-related activities (and less than 20% working directly with clients), we know that time is valuable to advisors, and having efficient tools to streamline your firm’s work is key.

As we enter the holidays, we’ve rounded up the top ten things about WealthPlan that we (and our advisors) are grateful for.

1. Compliance is on Friendly Terms

Our in-house compliance expert team does the heavy lifting for our advisors—they monitor updates from the SEC, FINRA, and DOL for all our partners to ensure everyone is in the know. Plus, our hybrid agreement leverages the latest tech to keep you compliant with email review, trade monitoring, annuity intelligence, and more.

2. You Have a Voice on Our Investment Committee

At WealthPlan, we listen to our advisors. Our team-based approach means you have an opportunity to join in on our investment committee meetings, where you’ll have the opportunity to voice your opinion on important investment and portfolio strategy decisions.

3. We’re Really Good at Naming Things

This year saw a lot of new business entities come from our team and we’re thankful for each one of them, but you’d be forgiven if you weren’t quite sure what each version of WealthPlan was up to. So to help with that, here’s a handy reference guide. It’s our version of the WealthPlan “nice” list.

  • WealthPlan Investment Management – Our independent RIA
  • WealthPlan Partners – our hybrid RIA
  • Feltz WealthPlan – the original name which became WealthPlan Partners, the Omaha-based RIA that started it all
  • WealthPlan Group – the holding company for all those other WealthPlans

4. Smarter Portfolios 

Our seven customizable models for risk-based and income-focused Smarter Portfolios remove the time-consuming nature of building portfolios and give advisors the time to focus on what matters most—client relationships! From portfolio construction to ongoing monitoring and everything in between, we take care of it all for our advisors.

5. Back Office Support

Partnering with us means advisors have less to worry about—especially from those daily operational tasks like billing or trade order executions. We want you to be free to focus on what you love: helping your clients, not hunting down another signature.

6. Ability to Support Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

We bring more than 30 years of experience in winning contracts and advising 401(k) plans, so you can feel confident in expanding your business into this all-important area. Plus, our easy-to-use AutoEducate® process helps protect business owner clients and quantify which participants need financial advice.

7. Access to a Premiere Advisor Tech Suite

We love to make your job easier, so we use one of the best tech suites available. The WealthPlan Technology Suite includes top-of-the-line tools for portfolio management, CRM, client portals, financial planning, and so much more. Our online library of how-to videos and easy integration with tech you already know and love make it easy to get started.

8. All the Support of WealthPlan Group While Maintaining Ownership of Your Career

At WealthPlan, you’re in the driver’s seat, and we’re your pit crew. Our goal is to help your firm reach its full potential by offering solutions to advisors’ most common problems and ongoing, individualized support.

9. Constant Education Opportunities

With an extensive collection of case studies, ebooks, our regularly updated blog, and market commentary, you have a wealth of content just a click away. We know that the learning never stops, and we’re dedicated to helping our advisors improve every day.

 10. We Know How to Take Breaks and Have Fun

Clearly, someone had access to all four seasons of Yellowstone. Is this a photo of stellar Senior Wealth Advisor & Owner Brent O’Mara or John Dutton? We can’t tell. 

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