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Maximize your business value, boost profitability

and achieve a successful exit strategy.


Maximize Your Most Valuable Asset

We assist business owners in transitioning from a sole focus on profits to becoming businesses that prioritize value. By leveraging our expertise, established methodologies, and advanced evaluation tools, we offer an impartial evaluation of your company's present and future value.

Our experienced team delivers a tailored action plan to help you attain the highest possible value for your business.

Led by David DeCelle

Entrepreneur | Speaker | Coach

David DeCelle joins WealthPlan Group as a seasoned business owner and coach, having launched and grown multiple prominent brands in the finance industry. David's companies have served thousands of business owners on their way to creating more effective businesses.


Precise Strategies. Maximized Outcomes.

With a wealth of expertise, our team possesses vast knowledge on strategies for business expansion, value enhancement and positioning your company for scalability, external investments and liquidity events.

They have a deep understanding of the precise components necessary to guide you towards your desired destination. Allow them to assist you in determining the most suitable course of action and implementing the necessary measures to achieve the best possible outcomes.


We're here to empower you to maximize the financial value, and transition readiness of your most important asset.

Our mission is to support you in harvesting the full potential of what
you built by facilitating the realization of peak value.

Our Methodology

A pathway to enhanced clarity and control over the precise actions required to achieve your objectives.


Discovery Session

30 Days
Identifying Opportunities and
Limitations Around Your Value

Utilizing cutting-edge tools and methodologies, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your company's performance in key, value-driving areas compared to similar businesses.

This assessment serves as a benchmark, enabling us to identify immediate areas for improvement that will bring tangible enhancements to your business.


Strategic Plan

30 Days
A Personalized Roadmap to
Create Maximum Value

We formulate and deliver a detailed 3-5-year strategic plan, meticulously crafted to optimize the value of your business.

Our approach introduces, or enhances, quality processes within your day-to-day operations, propelling growth and maximizing crucial efficiencies.


Coaching &

Helping You Execute Your Plan &
Achieve a Successful Exit

Our seasoned consultants guide you throughout your journey of value improvement. Our process equips you with a detailed roadmap, performance indicators and milestone checkpoints, ensuring accountability at each stage.

Through regular weekly, monthly and quarterly checkpoints, our agile approach promptly addresses unforeseen challenges and facilitates necessary adaptations.

Our Process

Understanding Your Present & Future Value

We facilitate a shift for business owners,
transitioning you from a sole focus on
profitability, to establishing value-driven

Group 4

The Three Value-First Benchmarks

Our process entails constructing companies on a solid foundation of reliable profits and cash flows.

As you progress through each of the three developmental stages, you develop and adopt new capabilities that add additional value.



Establishing stable profits and cash flow serves as the springboard for growth.



Fostering consistent growth provides the platform for attaining elevated value.



The ultimate benchmark of success is cultivating transferable value that remains predictable.

Our Core Focus Areas


Competitive Value Drivers

Utilizing cutting-edge methodologies and advanced tools, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation to measure the quality of your business's core value drivers against industry-leading companies.


Sales Assessment

We perform a sales assessment that emphasizes predictability, repeatability and scalability, enabling us to provide insights into enhancing your business's sales processes.


Value Acceleration

We uncover hidden assets, identify potential obstacles and implement best practices to enhance efficiency, increase profits and elevate the overall value of your business.


Actionable Roadmap

Our meticulous approach includes equipping you with a detailed roadmap, performance indicators and milestone checkpoints, ensuring accountability at every stage of the journey.


Ongoing Guidance

To ensure continuous progress towards your goals, we provide ongoing support with bi-weekly check-ins, allowing us to monitor and adjust plans as needed in response to unforeseen changes or developments.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

We offer you a transparent path forward, instilling a sense of assurance through a time-tested process, a meticulously crafted roadmap tailored to your objectives and unwavering assistance from our highly qualified team at every stage.

Our team is composed of diverse skill sets, encompassing business operation, scalability and the execution of buy-and-sell transactions. We are your knowledgeable guides, dedicated to leading you towards your destination.

Our commitment lies in providing you with the information and guidance you need, rather than simply telling you what you want to hear, to achieve your desired outcomes.

Just as you have devoted yourself wholeheartedly to your business, we reciprocate by equipping you with the precise capabilities you require, precisely when and where they are needed.

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Ready to accelerate the value of your business?

For most business owners, your business is your most valuable asset. You've spent years building it. We're here to help you position for maximum value before you exit.

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