CIO Erik O’Gard on Diversifying Your Portfolios – Market Overtime

Erik O’Gard, our Investment Committee Chairman of WealthPlan Group, was recently featured on TD Ameritrade Network‘s Market Overtime to discuss the importance of diversification in long-term investing. He mentions the 10-Year Treasury Index (TNX), as well as talks about how inflation impacts portfolio allocation.

“In hindsight, we can always look at the stocks that performed well and say, ‘Boy, I really wish I would have owned that one stock or five stocks,’ but the reality is knowing what is going to perform well. Whether it be an individual security or an asset class it’s very, very difficult and advanced. And so, it really means we don’t know with any degree of accuracy what’s going to perform well over some definite period in the future. We have to claim ignorance of that and find a way to prosper anyway.”

Watch Erik discuss diversifying your portfolios and more below:

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