Outsourced CIO Services for RIA Firms

Want to create a unique investment methodology, but don’t know where to start? Our outsourced CIO team will help you upgrade your proposal process, investment strategies, and serve your clients more effectively.

The WealthPlan Investment Methodology

We approach investing from the perspective that all client goals need to be balanced against the risk they are willing to take to achieve those goals. Based on each client’s desired outcomes, our OCIO services will help you design risk-based and income based strategies based on either maximum-tolerable loss or long-term income planning.

From beginning to end, we will consult with you to offer you deep insights into a suitable investment strategy for every client you serve.

Upgrade Your Proposal Process

Improve the way you win business by pairing our investment methodology with a client-centric proposal that makes risk and goals easy to understand.

Offer Your Clients Unique Strategies

Find the right portfolio for each individual client in less time by leaning on our strategies. We will help you design portfolios to deliver custom outcomes for what each client needs.

Lower Your Costs

Keep more of what you earn when you outsource your investment due diligence and portfolio design to us. You’ll not only save time, you’ll also lower costs associated with managing client portfolios.

Put Philosophy Into Action with Smarter Portfolios

Simplify your investment process and set your firm apart with our unique risk-based and income-focused strategies.

When you leverage our seven customizable Smarter Portfolio models to give your clients objective-driven investment
choices, you get access to our strategies and allocation suggestions, but retain all trading discretion.


Grow with WealthPlan Group Investment Solutions.

Put your clients first with unique, needs-based investment strategies.