Auto-Educate® (PepTalk)

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At Feltz WealthPlan we believe that education is a key component of each client’s financial journey. Being an educated investor may help you be better prepared for your financial future. With that in mind, we have created ‘Auto-Educate® .’


What is Auto-Educate®?

Auto-Educate® is a simple, one-page form or online form that allows you to select from service opportunities that address your goals. Once you have completed the form and returned it to your company’s Plan contact, Feltz WealthPlan will review and respond to your financial needs.

Completing Your Form

Participants in retirement plans serviced by Feltz WealthPlan may request an Auto-Educate® form from your company’s Plan contact, or download by clicking on the link above. In both cases the completed form must be returned to your company’s Plan contact.

If you have questions about Auto-Educate® or your retirement plan, please contact your company’s Retirement Plan contact, or contact Wade Behlen, Director of Retirement Plans | Foundations.