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We give you the full-service support, resources, and expertise necessary to grow your business through advising on employer-sponsored qualified plans, foundations, and endowments.

Full-Service Retirement Plan Solutions

Nothing limits your ability to grow more than spending all your time on the operational side of your business. Your support team handles the load of the daily routine so you can focus on growth. Best of all, we’ll adapt to your processes and business needs.

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How We Help

Embrace Your Fiduciary Responsibility

When you join WealthPlan Group, you give yourself the ultimate advantage when advising on defined contribution plans. WealthPlan will act as a 3(21) and 3(38) fiduciary so you can ease your clients’ liability and remove their burden of selecting and overseeing investments for their plan participants.


Save Your Time for Sales

You can be the advisor you want to be when you partner with WealthPlan Group. We act as the plan trustee so you can focus on being an advisor to plan participants. We not only cover your fiduciary duty, but our wellness program also identifies participants who need advice so you can focus on adding revenue instead of sourcing leads.

Provide Financial Wellness with AutoEducate®

Today’s business owners demand full service, and WealthPlan Group's AutoEducate® process makes financial wellness plan participants easy to implement. We have formalized the process to protect your business owner clients from litigation possibilities and quantify which participants need financial advice.


Leverage Years of Experience

Your firm may be new to advising 401(k) plans, but we aren’t. Our experts have been through the process of winning contracts and providing plan and participant services for a combined 30+ years. With WealthPlan Group, you’ll always have an answer.


Get Support From Start to Finish

Give yourself the confidence you need to pursue more plans. Our team will be by your side to help you close new business, and provide the ongoing administrative support to save you time so you can continue building your business.


See How Advisors Grow with WealthPlan Group

Learn how Chuck Prather lowered fees for his clients and also raised his firm’s revenues when he joined WealthPlan.

The Opportunity is There. Are You Ready?

Nearly 40% of plan sponsors are actively seeking to change their advisor. Join WealthPlan Group today to
immediately scale up with the resources and experience you need to take advantage.