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Work The Way You Want

Partnering with WealthPlan means you can access flexible investment solutions, customizable technology, and consultative advice for how to run a successful advisory firm.

But how you choose to work with us is up to you.

Option 1:

Become a WealthPlan Advisor

Join our firm and get immediate, full access to all the support, technology, and investment resources we offer. You can focus on growing your practice while we take care of asset management, set up your integrated tech suite, and support you with a complete compliance and back-office team. All you need to do is serve your clients.

Option 2:

Subscribe to our Advisor Investment Solutions TAMP

If you already operate an RIA firm you’re happy with, you can leverage our TAMP without joining as a WealthPlan advisor. You can continue to build your team and company while our investment committee takes responsibility for finding the right portfolio fit and managing your clients’ investments.

Option 3:

Outsource Your Investment Decisions

Our Outsourced CIO services can give you peace of mind that you’re doing all you can to discover unique investment vehicles to meet client goals. We can advise you on product selection, due diligence process, and more—but you retain all discretion on managing client portfolios.

Option 4:

Open Architecture Consulting

Simply looking for an objective, unbiased opinion from those who have built a successful RIA? We can advise you on the best technology platforms, custodial choices, and other important decisions that every RIA owner has to confront as they build their firm. Our open architecture consulting discovers the pain points you’re facing so we can develop solutions that will drive growth.

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