WealthPlan Group Launches A New Peer-2-Peer Forum


WealthPlan Group is excited to announce the launch of our new Peer-2-Peer forum for financial advisors. This launch represents our commitment to connecting financial advisors with the support and insight they need to accomplish new growth in their firms.


The Peer-2-Peer Philosophy

Among our community of advisors, we have represented some of the brightest, most innovative leaders in the industry. Each advisor has their own individual strengths and challenges. The goal of Peer-2-Peer (P2P) Forum is to create a space to pair strengths and weaknesses, allowing advisors to learn from each other in a private collaborative setting.

A picture we have used to describe this dynamic is that of a car show. We bring together enthusiasts who “pop the hood” on how they’ve built their businesses. Those who have achieved success in a specific area can share their insights with those who are looking for solutions and vice versa.

In many ways, our best asset as a community is the collective expertise of our advisors. P2P Forum is designed to make accessing that expertise easy and comfortable.


The Peer-2-Peer Format

The P2P Forum is only for advisors under the WealthPlan Group umbrella and is held in several forms.

Quarterly Topical Forums

At our recurring quarterly forums, our advisor community gathers to discuss specific challenges and opportunities that unlock business growth. Advisors also use this forum to provide feedback to the support team at WealthPlan Group on adjustments and ideas that better support the individual advisors.

Subject Matter Experts

In addition to these quarterly forums, we also have begun hosting subject matter experts that our advisors would love to hear from. These topics range from leadership to marketing to technology. If our advisors have a question that requires expertise, we use this format to connect them with industry-leading voices.

Monthly Operations Meetings

Every advisor knows that without strong operations, your vision is hard to execute. That’s why we’ve created a monthly space for our advisors’ operations leaders to gather and discuss workflows, technology, and other solutions that strengthen their ability to execute consistently and efficiently.


Our Commitment to Well-Supported Independence

WealthPlan Group has a long-standing commitment to empowering advisors to make the most of their independence. Previously, we demonstrated this commitment through benefits like pre-integrated technology suites, remote back office, and outsourced investment management solutions.

As we continue to move forward, our commitment drives us to connect advisors with a community that inspires them to grow through insight, support, and collaboration.

If you’re looking for rich soil to plant your advisory business, we invite you to consider WealthPlan Group.

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