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Small independence is inefficient and growth is hard to come by.


WealthPlan lets you keep your autonomy while adding immediate scale around you.


Small firms experience higher costs due to the difficulty of adding scale.


WealthPlan’s relationships give you economies-of-scale and access to institutional pricing.


Employee advisors have had offices and administrative support like payroll done for them. Finding these resources can be difficult.


WealthPlan provides the middle and back-office support services like payroll processing so you don’t have to reinvent the way you work.


Growth often means managing ever-increasing numbers of personnel.


Our scalable support team means you’ll never need to manage others or deal with employee turnover


The cost to add truly alternative investment offerings like alternative funds makes those strategies out of reach.


WealthPlan handles due diligence and investment selection, giving you access to thousands of unique investment vehicles, without the time and added expense you would normally incur to research those products.

“No one else in the industry provides the level of control and amount of support that WealthPlan does. It is the most unique platform I’ve seen.”

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What It’s Like to Work with WealthPlan Partners

We’ll take you through a three-phase process to get you up and running quickly, transition your clients easily, and help your firm run more profitably.

Phase One:


You’ll receive a dedicated Transition Manager to help you with licensing, SEC registration, and product review and approval. You and your Manager will meet weekly to keep steady progress.

Phase Two:

Client Onboarding

Your Transition Manager will assist you with custodial onboarding and provide sample letters you can use to communicate with clients about your move. During this period, we’ll also begin working with you to upload your client information and account performance to your new portfolio management software.

Phase Three:


The Training phase occurs in three distinct parts: Technology, Brand, and Fee Billing.

  • Technology: Review, set up, and train on your new WealthPlan technology suite.
  • Brand: Determine whether to market under the WealthPlan brand or your own, then set up the necessary marketing materials you need for success.
  • Fee Billing: Review advisory fee billing practices with your Transition Manager, set up your fee schedules, and set up your custom software needs.

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