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Year End Market Commentary

Well, that was a wild one. Here’s a bullet-point recap of the year 2021 through the “economic lens”: Continuing Covid pandemic with waves of new variants passing through the population. Negative bond returns. Recovering GDP and corporate earnings. Highly supportive Fed and record money supply. INFLATION with no end in sight. US stock market leads…

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Fed Inflation Policy Shift

Inflation and the Fed’s actions to combat it will arguably be the main topic of discussion for the next ten days. On December 10th, the Bureau of Labor Statistics will release the November CPI data. Between May and September 2021, year over year CPI and Core CPI (CPI less Food and Energy) had stayed between…


Market Commentary – Volatility

In an increasingly volatile short-term environment, we have had several people ask us if we have any insight on what is going on as the Nasdaq is currently off over 2% midday (at the time of writing this).  The largest mover in the market right now is DocuSign (DOCU), which has been trading at around…

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Thanksgiving Market Recap

Stocks jumped Monday morning to recover some losses after Friday’s slide, when uncertainty over a new coronavirus variant stoked volatility across global markets.  After staging a significant recovery year to date, Oil prices shed about 10% on Friday based on the potential for lockdowns on travel. A paper released over the weekend from Duke University…

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Pre-Turkey Day Market Recap

Stocks ended last week weighed by growing concerns over nationwide COVID-19 lockdowns in Europe which pressured US stocks, oil, and the broader market.  The markets were unsettled to start this week as the Austrian government announced a full lockdown starting on Monday, in response to cases of COVID-19 surging in Europe. The lockdown will include…

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Leaning Into Q4

It looks like winter is upon us. For those of you not in the Omaha area, the first snowfall of the year occurred this past Friday. With about 45 days left in 2021, the markets are entering into a seasonally strong period. Historically, people have attributed the good market returns to the ‘Santa Claus Rally’–…

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Investor Mailbag: Inflation

What does it mean that the Fed is going to start tapering? To keep the economy humming smoothly, the Fed has been practicing Quantitative Easing—providing liquidity to the market by purchasing $120B in Treasury bonds and mortgage-backed securities each month. The Fed announced that they would commence their tapering operations, reducing purchases by $15B per…

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October Recap

After a September pull-back, risk assets resumed their upward trajectory in October, with several equity indices recording record highs at month-end. Bonds posted losses in the quarter as interest rates moved up in response to continuing inflationary pressures. October 2021 Capital Market Returns The magnitude of these moves over one month is large. The rise…

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New Kid on the Block[Chain]

Mark Twain is often attributed the adage, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but often rhymes.” Wise words that have been reinforced again in the financial world. I read an article recently that spoke of a hamster, one Mr. Goxx, who has outperformed both Warren Buffett, and the market by investing in various cryptocurrencies. This reminds me…

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Third Quarter 2021: Market Commentary and Analysis

While US equity markets made all-time highs during the quarter; a September pullback erased gains and left markets flat-to-down for the quarter. Bonds provided no reprieve, also selling off in the quarter as rates ticked up in response to inflationary pressures. 3rd Quarter 2021 Capital Market Returns Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate       -0.80%…

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Evergrande Cheat Sheet

  Evergrande Cheat Sheet Financial Markets had one of the worst days in months and also saw the VIX cresting just over 25. While many issues are percolating such as Delta variant fears, the Fed’s tapering to start later this year, friction around the US debt ceiling, and overall concerns of an overheated equity market,…

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Bulls Vs Bears: Where We Are & Where We Might Go

Join CIO, Erik Ogard, CFA, and Steve Wruble in this month’s Bulls Vs. Bears: Market Commentary as they discuss current market trends, how markets have been historically, and where they might lead in the future.