Webinar: How to Create SEC-Compliant Testimonials for Advisors


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When: On Demand

Who: WealthPlan Group || Brian Thorp || Diana Cabrices

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About the Event

Referrals are the lifeblood of the financial advisor industry, but it was only in 2022 that testimonials were formally permitted for use by the SEC. When done well, these testimonials are potent assets to use in your marketing. The challenge? There is a strict (yet not always clear) set of rules advisors need to follow. To add to the challenge, many advisors rushed to capitalize on the new allowance and ran afoul of the SEC.

That’s why we are hosting our friends Brian Thorp and Diana Cabrices from WealthTender. Their team launched the industry’s first platform that’s purpose-built to abide by SEC guidelines.

They are coming to share their deep knowledge of the SEC’s requirements for testimonials, including how to ethically collect, display, and leverage your testimonials for your marketing.

If you want to tell your clients’ stories safely and effectively, this event is for you. This event is open to financial advisors and their support staff. (Invite your marketing personnel!) If you aren’t able to make the live recording, all registrants will get a copy of the event recording as well as any supporting resources.


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