What You’re Missing By Not Working With a Retirement Plans Team

Your Advisory Business may be Missing Out by Not Partnering with a Retirement Plans Team.

Studies have indicated you are not alone. 

Most individual advisors only manage a handful of small retirement plans, acquiring these plans as an extension of an existing client relationship. This could be a potential weakness in your business model. You might be missing out by not partnering with a specialized retirement plan group. Our team of experts can help you find and navigate opportunities and provide value to your clients, while also opening the door to new client relationships.

Why A Retirement Department Matters

Our philosophy has always centered around our belief that our true responsibility is to guide you and uphold the fiduciary tenets that we believe are at the core of great retirement planning. AIF® and AIFA® Our team consists of experts in the various areas of retirement planning, including some AIF® and AIFA® accredited individuals to help perform fiduciary assessments on internal policies, procedures, and workflows in your organization; an investment department; all of which is overseen by a licensed investment advisor. Our team manages fiduciary risk by offering this broad range of retirement tools and personalized education for your managed 401(k) plans. Our team of experts also offers AutoEducate™ to protect your business owner clients from some of the risks associated with litigation possibilities and quantify which participants need financial advice.

*WealthPlan Group does not offer legal advice. Please see your attorney for legal advice.

Wealthplan’s team of experts help you as the advisor design each client’s unique plan using our carefully researched, diversified strategies. Our investment management team creates, manages, monitors, and screens a “blended” fund menu offering. We also utilize tactical risk-based solutions with our Smarter Portfolio models. With the help of Riskalyze technology, we can assign risk scores to plans, participants, and even endowments/foundations. This allows us to identify and mitigate risks and employ an appropriate financial planning strategy for your client(s).

With over 25 years of in-house experience, our team seamlessly collaborates with our internal investment experts and advisors like you to offer a fully integrated and robust financial solution to businesses all over the country. You don’t have to worry about how big or small your managed 401(k) plan is. Our team has successfully partnered with all sizes of clients, from small startups to large plans within a variety of industries.

We Focus on What’s Important – Your Clients and Growing Your Business

At WealthPlan Group, we are proud to have a team of retirement plan professionals who focus on what matters to you as a plan sponsor, trustee, participant, or committee member. We continue to provide clients with a level of retirement plan consulting expertise and service that has made us a nationally recognized firm and a valued fiduciary and partner.

Together We can Grow your Business

  • Embrace Fiduciary Responsibility at both plan and participant level
  • Promote Financial Wellness through Auto Educate and Access to Education Specialist
  • Offer Investment Guidance
  • Risk Management
  • Support from Retirement Plan Specialists

The Retirement Plans Team always acts in the best interest of the plan and participants helping remove risk and enhancing the participant experience– we take on the hard part so you don’t have to. We are always ready to help you grow your business within your practice. By involving us with existing owner relationships or letting us help close qualified plans or foundations, we are ready to share our back-office support and high touch service model and share in revenue.

Let us share with you the variety of partnership opportunities we offer. You decide what you need from us to help you achieve your goals.

Ready to learn more about our offering? Schedule a call with our consultation team now.

WealthPlan’s* retirement team has three licensed accredited investment fiduciary designations (AIF). Our Director holds the highest level of accreditation called accredited investment fiduciary analyst (AIFA).

Advisory services offered through WealthPlan Investment Management.  WealthPlan Investment Management is a registered investment advisor and is a subsidiary of WealthPlan Group, LLC



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