Should Advisors Make a TAMP Part of Their Value Prop?


When it comes to turnkey asset management platforms (TAMP), advisors generally make the decision based on how a TAMP benefits their operations. Understandably so – its benefits are substantial when you have the right fit.

That being said, the case for a TAMP matters to your clients too. Some advisors are more comfortable to keep their TAMP structure out of sight in terms of their brand. If that’s how you feel, it’s worth considering how to frame your use of a TAMP to improve your brand.


Ways to Communicate the Value of a TAMP to Your Clients

Let’s dig into real life examples. Here are a few of the ways that we have seen the advisors on our TAMP successfully position their partnership in their marketing and sales. Whether your clients are asking about it or you are proactively sharing, these are helpful answers.

Higher Emphasis on Investment Expertise

If you choose to leverage a TAMP solution, you are not only upgrading your capacity. You’re enlisting the help of a team of investment managers who have the time to be fully immersed in the craft, executing your plans and providing timely recommendations.

Your clients benefit from this full-time, collaborative attention in a critical aspect of their financial plan. It’s like their relationship with a CPA. Taxes are a part of their financial plan, but they benefit by someone being immersed in the discipline. Their trading is also just one part of their financial plan, and immersion may be equally important.

Expanded Investment Options

When you work with a TAMP, you may also benefit from access to a wider variety of investment vehicles and strategies. From alternative investments to models like the Dividend Aristocrat Portfolio, your efficient access to the strategies that individual advisors may have a harder time accessing.

The wider range of options may provide better solutions for your clients’ goals as well as give them reassurance that they have more options available to them.

More Robust Due Diligence

All advisors are bound by the fiduciary rule to act in the best interest of their clients. A TAMP can provide the research and analysis you need to make more informed investment decisions. This bandwidth allows you to provide advice backed by deeper research and in a timelier manner. 

By highlighting your use of a TAMP, you can demonstrate to your clients a high value on due diligence and informed decision making.

A Better Technology Experience for Clients

A TAMP solution often will be integrated with a broader technology suite that helps to communicate investment performance and financial planning progress. This helps provide your clients with a more polished, user-friendly experience that can create more clarity for their expectations. 

More Focus on Relationships

For the advisor, one of the biggest value props for a TAMP is the time you save. For your clients, the time you can now focus on staying connected with them is a key part of your retention strategy. For your brand, it’s a unique differentiator that you actively build your business model to prioritize your availability for your clients.


Communicating More Advanced Benefits

While these first ideas are the “low hanging fruit”, there are a few more client benefits worth mentioning. For those clients and prospects that expect a premium service, these may carry important weight.

Rapid Rebalancing

Rebalancing is one the more important features of a strong TAMP experience. The ability to rebalance helps keep your client’s investment strategy aligned with their goals and their risk tolerance. By partnering with a TAMP, you can save time on monitoring and accelerate your ability to adapt to market conditions.

Risk Management

Some TAMP solutions offer risk management tools that help your clients articulate their risk tolerance. These tools are useful in providing common language to help make sure your clients understand the strategies you are recommending and how they fit with their comfort zone.

Tax-focused Adjustments

One unique benefit of TAMPS is that some can help you proactively lower tax liabilities. For example, automated tax-loss harvesting, and asset location can potentially increase returns for your clients.


Would a TAMP Improve Your Brand Value Proposition?

Having pre-emptive answers like these can help position you to add value with confidence. A TAMP may be the right solution for your business internally, but it doesn’t need to be kept secret.

If you have questions about how you might communicate benefits like these to your clients, we invite you to reach out or learn more about our TAMP solution for innovative advisors.

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